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Triangle Canvas


Image of Triangle Canvas

The Equilateral Triangle- a different type of composition- a new idea.

Hand crafted Gallery Wrapped Canvas. Wood is mitered, routed, and cut to size. Canvas is stretched raw, as tight as drum, then a protective layer of pH neutral PVA glue is added before the top layers of acrylic gesso. Final surface is sanded to provide a smooth texture for paint to hold and for brushes to glide.

*For larger sizes and custom orders contact us through email for price & shipping
*Measurements are given in height (H) and length of sides to give a clear idea of what size you need (sides are not proportional to height as with squares and rectangles).
*Available in slim profile (0.75” thick) up to 24” H - Indicate in checkout in instructions section
*48" H Frames and over are delivery only